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About Pro-Fit Tea | Best Detox Tea

Our Story

When Kadi discovered the solution to uplift immunity, she started uniting the most decadent flavors of the finest teas with the mission to bring the freshest and healthiest tea you’ve ever tasted. 


Founder Kadi Balde grew up in Conakry, Guinea where she witnessed her grandmother create various blends of herbs and tea for wellness. This use of natural and organic ingredients contributed to her grandmother’s long and healthy life before she died at the age of 98 years old. Kadi’s grandmother was known for her ability to use the right blend of herbs to strengthen the immune system and help maintain a good digestive system. Kadi was always inspired by her grandmother’s innovation and made an effort to learn about the benefits of different herbs and how to create different tea recipes.

In Kadi’s family, there has always been a long history of diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and blood clots and she was conscious of those risks. In order to prevent these genetic conditions, she educated herself and researched ways to maintain a healthy diet and substitute harmful ingredients for organic and sustainably produced ingredients. Because genetic disorders cannot be cured, the best one can do is take the necessary precautions to prevent them. This was a driving force in Kadi’s journey as she set out to create high-quality tea and spices for herself and her family. She was able to produce tea drinks that detoxed, cleansed her body, strengthened her immune system, and kept her fit and in shape.

Kadi’s life experiences, her grandmother’s resourcefulness, and her motivation to prevent hereditary illnesses inspired her to create Pro-fit Tea and share the benefits of her healthy recipes. Her goal is to share these healthy tea mixtures with the world so others can benefit from these healthy drinks and diet, and implement them into their lifestyle.


Our mission at Pro-Fit Tea is to provide fresh and healthy detox tea options to help people achieve their wellness and fitness goals.


At Pro-Fit Tea we value wellness, service to community, honesty, and innovation to operate our company and deliver the best product. Pro-Fit Tea is partnered with non-profit organizations, such as A&B Balde Foundation and the Good Shepherd shelter, to feed the homeless and give service to the less fortunate  in Sub-Saharan Africa. A portion of our profit goes to fund these organizations to aid them in on the ground operations that address poverty, lack of access to healthcare, and education.


Each Ingredient of Pro-Fit Tea works toward strengthening the body’s core. Our Team studied many teas and herbs across the seven seas before landing on the best. Tea should be something that is enjoyed and also provides advantages and this is considered with every order we package. We guarantee satisfaction with our fresh and natural products.



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